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I recently changed from Bell's Internet Stick (Novatel U727 USB) to Rogers Internet Stick (Novatel MC950D USB) for my rural home - no DSL, Cable or outdoor modem service.  The Bell stick had an external antenna adapter which was connected to a Wilson Trucker Antenna.  Bell's U727 worked great with the antenna.  However, the problem with Bell was their data plan was terrible - 2Gb was $50 but after 2Gb the charge is $1/Mb.  So 3Gb would result in a $1,050 monthly bill.  Bell's current slogan is "Today just got better"... seems hard to believe the day got bettter when that 3Gb Bell bill arrives at the doorstep.  Pricing as of Dec 2008. Spring 2009 - Bell revised their ~$30 per extra Gb above base pricing plan.

Anyway, the drawback with Rogers "Rocket" Internet USB stick was that there is no external antenna adapter - I was able to source a coupler for the MC950D overseas. 

Novatel MC950D Modem to Antenna Adapter (PDF)

I imported a few of the couplers and they are for sale for $50 + taxes and shipping*. 

e-mail with inquiries

* REMEMBER - You need to buy an external antenna to use with this adapter. This adapter does not work on its own.

I also highly recommend Cradlepoint routers for Internet Sticks or PC cards.  They are simple and they work great....

Cradlepoint MBR1000 Router

...and in case you are wondering, the current price plan for 3Gb from Rogers is $50.  They have plans up to 5Gb and also have a maximum cap of $100 regardless of usage. (Dec 2008)